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ISPE has a library of recorded presentations available from our quarterly webinar program. You can earn 1 PDH per course. Within 1-2 business days of purchasing a webinar, you will be synced to your new course on ISPE Academy and receive a welcome email from our team. The email will contain important details about how you will login into the system (if you are a new user). If you are an existing user, your login details will not change.

Indiana Statutes & Rules for Professional Engineering Licensure
Stephen Gillman, PE & Opal Kuhl, Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
1 PDH - Statutes & Rules
This presentation reviews the Indiana Statues & Rules for professional engineering licensure. It fulfils the biennial requirement for continuing education on this topic.
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Recognizing & Valuing Trade-Offs in Large Infrastructure & Development Projects (Ethics)
Dr. David Kish, PE, F.NSPE
1 PDH - Ethics
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Scenario Analyses for IURC Report to the 21st Century Energy Policy Task Force
Doug Gotham, Purdue University
This presentation summarizes modeling work performed by the State Utility Forecasting Group in support of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) for their report to the 21st Century Energy Policy Task Force. The work examined the impacts of various parameters, such as the timing of the retirement of coal-fired generators, natural gas prices, energy efficiency, and renewable resource costs on electricity prices and future resource selections.
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What Every Engineer Should Know About Investing
Brad Nelson, PE
Engineers are generally pretty smart people and generally earn enough to live comfortably and retire comfortably. The sooner we realize this and act upon it, the better our chances of optimizing our lives financially. However, our engineering training can lead us astray if we don’t recognize the differences between engineering and investing.
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Understanding Cyber Threats from A Hacker’s Perspective, How Exposed is Your Business
John Keebler
Cyber risk continues to be a matter of critical importance for businesses of all sizes. This 60-minute webinar will focus on creating awareness around the exposures that companies face, the emerging cyber threats and trends, and highlighting some “best practices” that firms can adopt to improve their security posture.
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Best Practices to Increase Diversity in Your Organization
Tricia Hatley, PE, F.NSPE
Rick Guerra, PE, F.NSPE

For any future-focused, proactive profession or organization, diversity is increasingly a strategic imperative. But there needs to be an acknowledgement of the missed opportunities created by biases in our personal, professional, and societal lives. In this sessions, the presenters will:

Define Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Discuss NSPE's strategic focus on diversity
Challenge your unconscious bias and perspectives
Identify best practices for organizations and individuals to advance DEI

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Ultra White Paints for Full Daytime Sub Ambient Radiative Cooling
Xiulin Ruan
Space cooling consumes significant amount of power, which is often generated through carbon-emitting processes. Moreover, the heat is rejected to the ambient on the earth, contributing to urban heat island effect and global warming. We have designed and fabricated ultrawhite BaSO4-acrylic and CaCO3-acrylic radiative cooling paints that reflect 98.1% and 95.5% of sunlight respectively (only absorb 1.9% and 4.5% respectively). Meanwhile, the painted surface strongly emits infrared heat, which subsequently travels through a transparent atmospheric window and lost to deep space. As a result, our paints absorb less heat from the sun than the heat they emit and hence cool surfaces below the ambient temperature under direct sunlight without consuming power. Moreover, they directly reject heat to deep space hence cool down of the earth.
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Acoustical Materials to Reduce Vehicle Noise from the Past to the Future

Pranab Saha, Kolano and Saha Engineers, Inc.
The presentation covers some aspects of sound package material work that has been done in the vehicle industry over the last 50 years or so.  This includes the automotive industry, heavy trucks, off highway vehicles and many more. The presentation also discusses sound package materials for EVs including similarities and differences with ICE vehicle, and ends with a look at the future from the presenter's perspective.
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Saving the Decaying Infrastructure with Advanced Composite Materials

Mo Ehsani, PhD, PE, SE

This presentation is based on the speaker’s 4 decades of innovating carbon and glass fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) products for strengthening the infrastructure such as buildings, bridges, pipelines, tanks, submerged piles, and seawalls, etc. Case studies will be presented from projects completed worldwide, including several examples that have been completed in Indiana.

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New UL and Code Changes to Smoke Detectors and Notifications Devices

James Martzall

The objective of this course is to educate the engineering community on the forthcoming UL smoke detection and NFPA code changes that will be taking place in the near future. The course begins detailing updated information for smoke detection applications. The presentation explains in detail where smoke detectors can and cannot be placed, mounting locations, and detailed design information. Secondly, the presentation talks about the new UL 268 7th Edition smoke detector Listings that all fire alarm manufacturers shall comply with by June 2024. Next, the presentation details NFPA code placement and layouts for audio notifications appliance both audio/visual system. The learning object during this part of the course is to understand the importance of dB measurements and how they can affect the system layout and design. Finally, the presentation talks about future visual requirements that may be required in the near future. Throughout the presentation, I ask mini quiz questions to ensure participation and to ensure the people attending the event understand the material.

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