Engineering Ethics

“All products of technology present some potential dangers, and thus engineering is an inherently risky activity…Engineering should be viewed as an experimental process. It is not, of course, an experiment conducted solely in a laboratory under controlled conditions. Rather, it is an experiment on a social scale involving human subjects.”

~ Martin and Schinziger, Ethics in Engineering

“Among the universal ethical values are honesty, integrity, promise, keeping, fidelity, fairness, respect for others, responsible citizenship, pursuit of excellence and accountability.”

~ Michael Josephson

People Trust Engineers

In repeated Gallup polls, Americans report their belief that engineers possess levels of honesty and ethical conduct higher than most other professions.

Indiana Engineering Ethics

The State of Indiana established codes of professional conduct that apply to all professions (IC 25‐1‐11‐5), as well as rules of Professional Conduct (864 IAC Rule 11) that apply to the engineering practice by licensed engineers. Both codes can be found on the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency's Statute & Rules page for professional engineers.

NSPE Resources

Your NSPE membership provides you access to a wealth of resources regarding the ethical practice of engineering. 


Ethics Seminars

The State of Indiana requires a minimum of one hour of continuing education per renewal every two years.  Members can meet this requirement several ways at the National and State Level.

  • Online University - ISPE's Online University through Red Vector offers several courses in professionalism and ethical practice.
  • NSPE OnDemand - NSPE offers several ethics courses as part of their OnDemand library.
  • Indiana Professional Engineering Conference - Held every June, the Professional Engineering Conference offer at least one ethics seminar, as well as statutes and standards seminars.
  • NSPE's PE-CON - Join professional engineers from across the county and fulfill your ethics requirement at PE Con.
  • Local Chapter Seminars - Watch the ISPE Calendar of Events for Ethics Seminars hosted by local chapters and led by experts for the ISPE Speakers Bureau.


Reporting Violations in Indiana

Indiana Statute found in IC 25‐1‐7 outlines the investigation and prosecution of complaints concerning regulated occupations, including professional engineers.

Complaints alleging violations should be filed with the the office of the attorney general. All complaints must be written and signed by the complainant and initially filed with the director. Except for employees of the attorney general's office acting in their official capacity, a complaint may be filed by any person.