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Online Course on Indiana Statutes and Rules

Course Title: Indiana Statutes and Rules for Professional Engineering Licensure

Presenter: Vincent P. Drnevich, P.E., Ph.D., Dist.M.ASCE, Professor Emeritus of Purdue University and the University of Kentucky, Past President of the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers and a member of the Indiana State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers

This course is a webinar on the Indiana Statutes and Rules as they apply to Professional Engineering Licensure sponsored by the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers (ISPE). It requires having access to the Internet and consists of a series of slides that are narrated and enhanced by the presenter. It was recorded before a live audience of professional engineers at the training center of R.W. Armstrong in October 2010, and includes questions and discussion from this group. The total time for viewing the course is about one hour.

The course explains the role of statutes created by the Indiana Legislature concerning the professions and the role of the Registration Board for Professional Engineers in making and administering rules contained in Administrative Code 864 IAC for engineering. This version of the course focuses on the newly adopted rules for Continuing Engineering Education and helping the licensed engineer learn what continuing education activities will satisfy the rules. It also compares the Indiana Rules with those of neighboring states. This course fulfills the rule requiring one hour on Indiana Statutes and Rules.

Along with the webinar access on the web, included are a summary sheet with links to references, a quiz, and a course evaluation form. Upon completion of the course, you must complete and submit the quiz and get a score of at least 80% to get credit for the course. You are also encouraged to submit a course evaluation form to assist in making improvements to subsequent versions of the course. Upon completion of the webinar and passing of the quiz, a certificate acknowledging completion of the course will be sent to you.

The cost for the course is $20 for ISPE/NSPE members and $50 for non-members. Registration and payment for the course may be made using the PayPal link below (all major credit/debit cards accepted). Access to the course is not granted automatically but will be obtained by use of a username and a password which will be provided to you by ISPE upon notification of receipt of registration and payment by PayPal or after receipt of registration and payment by mail. If registering by mail, please provide an e-mail address to include with your contact information.

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